Your Schools Guide to Creating a Culture on Safety

The beginning of the year is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to prep for a successful year than to lock down your schools safety protocol. The topic of safety can bring up a lot of stressors, that’s why when it comes to briefing your school on drills and procedures, approach is everything. The goal is to install a sense of positivity, capability, and security with every member of student and staff. Since we live in the Information Age, this topic specifically can come with a host of concerns brought on by startling media topics, so approaching your student body with confidence, simplicity, and positivity is key! Here are five steps to get your campus on the right track.

Establishing Open Dialogue:

Creating a designated space where students can have conversations about the safety of their learning environment is crucial today. Create a safe space, like a dedicated office, for sharing thoughts, questions, and suggestions related to safety. By fostering an environment of trust and communication, schools can ensure that everyone feels heard and involved in the safety process. It has been reported that students who face anxiety feel isolated from their peers simply because they believe they are the only ones who experience anxious thoughts/ feelings. For a student, the sheer knowledge that there is always a place to go makes facing concerns or questions less complicated and more approachable.

Implementing Safety Education Programs:

Compile a list of potential risks, prevention strategies, and appropriate responses to emergencies for schools at large, and then for your school based on your location, etc. Then cut that list down to what is the most relevant for your school, and turn it into a safety-ed content of your choice. Consult members of your community such as law enforcement to create a custom set of plans for your school, covering active shooters, weather emergencies, threat response, etc. Once you’ve integrated the safety ed into your curriculum, follow it up with regular drills and provide resources to empower everyone school-wide with the knowledge and confidence in their ability to respond effectively. The importance of working through safety drills can’t be undermined, using your knowledge of best safety practices actively as a school is not only empowering but bonding, students will know that they are well taken care of and have the skills and the people around them to help them if ever it’s needed.

Establish a Frequency for Your Emergency Response Drills:

This is possibly the most crucial element of your safety protocol, because this will make or break the effectiveness of your efforts. When everyone is familiar with their roles and responsibilities and there are clear, well-defined next steps, there is less room for whats-ifs and anxieties. Having these drills performed regularly will allow confidence and avoid frenzy when and if your school needs to act.

Introducing Visitu's Visitor Management System:

Utilize Visitu's visitor management system to streamline security and create a sense of control. By implementing features such as customizable watch lists and real-time reporting, schools can proactively manage and monitor visitors. When students and staff know that their doors are secure, not only does it decrease mental anxieties for your people, but it deters possible offenders, whether they be student or an outsider, from attempting an attack. The transparency and efficiency offered by Visitu instills confidence in students, staff, and parents that the school is actively prioritizing safety, every single day.

Engaging the School Community:

Involve parents, guardians, and the wider school community in safety initiatives. Provide regular updates, newsletters, and workshops to keep them informed about your safety measures, procedures, and any updates on any changes to those protocols. This collaboration helps to build trust and even opens the floor to new ideas and supporters in your schools community.

We hope you find value in these steps to give your schools a chance to create a solid, familiar, confident culture around when and how safety is handled on your campus. If you’re interested in taking your schools security to the next level, schedule a demo with us at