Why Visitu?

Visitu is a leading provider of software solutions for schools. We are dedicated to helping schools create safer and more efficient learning environments by providing innovative software that streamlines important processes and enhances security.

Our Team

Meet the Visitu Team

Core Values

At the heart of our company lie the core values that guide every action we take and decision we make. We are committed to school safety, innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

These principles not only shape our work culture but also drive us to deliver exceptional results for our clients. By consistently upholding these values, we strive to create meaningful, lasting relationships and foster an environment where growth, success, and excellence can thrive.

School Safety

We are committed to providing software solutions that enhance the safety and security of students, teachers, and staff.


We believe that technology can be a powerful force for positive change, and we are always looking for innovative ways to improve Visitu.


We work closely with schools to understand their unique needs and challenges, and to develop software solutions that meet those needs.


We believe that by maintaining a commitment to excellence, we can make a real difference in the lives of students and educators.