Case Study: Tampa Preparatory School Enhances Campus Security with Visitu

Case Study: Tampa Preparatory School Enhances Campus Security with Visitu


Tampa Preparatory School, known for its dedication to educational excellence and student safety, faced challenges in managing campus visitors both efficiently and securely. The school's traditional visitor management methods were becoming increasingly inadequate in addressing modern security concerns.


The primary challenge was to enhance campus security without compromising the welcoming environment at Tampa Preparatory School. The existing system was outdated, manual, time-consuming, and lacked efficient tracking of visitors. This gap in visitor management posed potential security risks, including unauthorized access and inability to respond swiftly in emergency situations.


Chad Lewis, the Director of Technology at Tampa Preparatory School , recognized the need for a more advanced campus security solution, spearheaded the initiative to implement the Visitu Campus Safety platform. Visitu, a digital visitor management system, offered several key features:

  • Digital Check-In on iPad: Visitors can now register upon arrival using an iPad kiosk, streamlining the entry process and eliminating manual logbooks.
  • Background and Sex Offender Checks: Visitu will allow Tampa Preparatory School to conduct instant offender background checks on all visitors and identify individuals posing potential threats.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Administrators could monitor visitor movements in real-time, enhancing the ability to respond to any security concerns immediately.
  • Printed Visitor Badges: Visitu printed visitor badges, making it easy for administration, faculty, and students to identify authorized visitors on campus.
  • Emergency Response: In case of emergencies, Visitu enabled the school to quickly identify and account for all visitors on campus, aiding in efficient evacuation procedures.


Chad Lewis worked closely with Visitu's Customer Success team to ensure a seamless integration of the Visitu software with the school's existing systems. Training sessions were conducted for staff and security personnel to familiarize them with Visitu, especially the iPad check-in process, background check, automatic employee notifications and badge printing functionality.


Post-implementation, Tampa Preparatory School observed significant improvements in campus security:

  • Enhanced Visitor Screening: The comprehensive background and sex offender checks led to a more secure environment, with a significant reduction in security breaches.
  • Efficient Visitor Management: Digital check-in, real-time tracking, and printed badges streamlined the visitor management process, saving time for visitors, staff, and enhancing campus safety.
  • Improved Emergency Preparedness: Tampa Preparatory School was better equipped to handle emergencies, with swift identification and accounting of visitors during drills and actual events.
  • Positive Feedback: Parents, staff, and visitors reported a heightened sense of security and appreciated the balance between safety and a welcoming school atmosphere.

Testimonial from Chad Lewis, Director of Technology at Tampa Preparatory School:

"We chose Visitu as our visitor management solution because it perfectly aligns with our dual priorities of campus safety and operational efficiency. Visitu's intuitive interface, comprehensive security features like instant offender background checks, and automated employee notifications significantly enhances our ability to manage visitors effectively while maintaining a welcoming environment. The ability for Visitu to seamlessly integrate with our existing SIS and the positive feedback from our staff and community were also crucial factors in our decision. We believe that adopting Visitu is a vital step in our ongoing commitment to providing a safe and conducive learning environment for our students."


By implementing the Visitu Campus Safety platform, Tampa Preparatory School successfully enhanced its campus security, demonstrating its commitment to student safety and a proactive approach in adopting innovative technology solutions. The initiative, led by Chad Lewis, Director of Technology, set a new standard for other educational institutions seeking to improve their visitor management and campus security protocols.